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Litibu has yet to be discovered. Now is the right time to buy a home or a homesite while the prices are low. Ten years from now you will have to be wealthy to be able to afford property in Litibu. Are you up for an adventure living in a foreign country?

Litibu and for that matter living in Mexico isn’t for everyone. Some people can’t handle the slower pace of life. Life in Litibu is fluid and easy, as full or laid back as you want. Are you ready to let go of the stress in your life? You will love living in Mexico and here is why.

Litibu* is a community of individual homes and home sites near the Pacific Ocean with a 3-mile long undeveloped beach. Litibu is a community without the typical noise of village life.

Currently there are 51 residences with nearly half of these constructed in the past 6 years. About one-third of owners are full year residents; many others live here 5 or 6 months each year. The population in Litibu is very international. There are Canadians, Americans, French, German and Spanish owners as well as several Mexicans from Guadalajara and Mexico City. It is safe and easy to own property in Mexico now.

Litibu is near the quiet little Mexican village of Higuera Blanca which lies about a mile inland. Local people come to the beach on weekends with their families. Most days you will be alone on the beach with only a few neighborhood dogs for company. This area is a great place for sailing,  sunning, swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, golf or riding horses. 

The proximity to Higuera Blanca is wonderful as a source for immediate needs and gentle relationships with the local population. Nearby towns offer an amazing selection of restaurants and activities - from surfing to art classes. Puerto Vallarta, just 45 minutes South has an international airport, shopping, museums, galleries,  medical services, night clubs and more. Click here to read more about other towns in the area.

As development is coming to Litibu we want to ensure the people who come here appreciate the tranquil life style and the incredible opportunity to live in harmony with nature. If you are this type of person we encourage you to look at Litibu as a home for your future peaceful lives.

*The Government sponsored development project, Fonatur, chose to use the name Litibu for its hotel, golf course, and condominium project located near Higuera Blanca. The ‘real’ Litibu community is at the North end of the beach beyond the development project. The word ‘Litibu’ is the soft sound made by a yellow and brown bird that migrates through this area every spring and fall.

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